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make a lasting impact in the built environment

start your regenerative journey

Join our learning and practice communities where we are shaping a regenerative future. Together, we’ll develop ourselves to reenvision places and reinvent the real estate system.

We invite you to journey, learn, question, listen, express, imagine, and experiment with other curious, collaborative people who want to see true transformation in our human-made spaces. 

develop yourself 

learn + practice

Immerse yourself in the world of regenerative design and development through this online learning journey and community of practice, opening later this year. 

Gain a clearer understanding of these exciting concepts and begin developing yourself to become a regenerative change agent in the built environment.  

1. Foundational Learning journey

During this facilitated online journey, you’ll explore a new way of thinking and living based on the wisdom of a time when we knew how to live in harmony with life and the latest science. 

Through innovative, developmental frameworks and engaging, dialogue-driven learning methods, you will go on a journey of worldviews, living systems and whole new paradigms. 

Together, with your cycle of other regenerative-curious participants, you’ll gain a collective understanding of how to navigate this transformation before you enter the community of practice and start learning how to bring this into the world.


Regenerative practice requires consistency to learn how to create the conditions where all life can thrive. 

We do that best together, in a carefully designed space designed to help people create their own regenerative pathway, deepen their practice, and co-create ways forward

Our community of practice is an alive space, meeting three Wednesdays of the month. People working with the built environment who have a basic understanding of regeneration (from our learning journey or others) can join to help grow and develop their practice and bring it into the real world.  

connecting with your people

Who is it for?

The regenerative learning journey and community of practice is for anyone interested in being part of the transformation of our built environment. 

Maybe you’re already working in the sustainability or built environment space; you’re frustrated with the current housing situation; or you see how important our real estate system is in creating change. 

Or possibly, like many of us, you’re trying to find your way towards doing things better. 

You’re all welcome here. Regenerative change is about doing things completely differently to the status quo. It’s about asking better questions of ourselves, moving away from our mechanical, linear thinking, and opening ourselves up to co-create a regenerative world, place by place, person by person.

what to expect

learning that's relentlessly curious

If you’re the kind of person who loves to dive deeper, see how things tick, learn from the experience of others, and challenge your current ways of seeing the world — this is the learning journey for you. 

Challenge yourself

We love the rubber band metaphor. Your capacity to develop yourself towards your potential will always be stretched taut – not too little and not too much.

Activate your curiosity

Once you start seeing your work and the world in whole new ways, it’s difficult to stop. Opening yourself up to totally new possibilities is energising and infectious.

Learn from nature

Move from the anthropocene to the ecocene, where we design, construct, and live in harmony with nature as part of the whole, living systems we belong to.

Connect with a like-minded network

Join other regenerative-curious people across the world who want to figure out a lasting way forward. Share challenges and connect in a culture of care and compassion.

"It felt like a switch turning on in my brain."
NIcole Dememezes

JOIN THE NEXT learning journey!

Foundational Learning

Apr - Jun 2024

  • 10 weeks, every Tuesday
  • April 23 - June 25, 2023
  • 7 - 8:30pm CEST
    (1 - 2:30pm EDT)
  • Register and we'll be in touch to guide you through the process.

Foundational Learning

Mar - May 2024

  • 10 weeks, every Monday, 6 - 7:30pm
  • March 25 - May 27, 2023
  • Register and we'll be in touch to guide you through the process.
starts soon

Foundational Learning

Apr - Jun 2024

  • 10 weeks, every Tuesday, 6 - 7:30pm
  • April 23 - June 25, 2023
  • Register and we'll be in touch to guide you through the process.

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Develop your practice

Like many things worth doing, becoming regenerative requires a deeply fulfilling practice that will inspire you when you need it and keep you going during challenging moments.

Create your pathway

Your journey to get here is totally unique to you and will continue to be that way. This community will help you figure out what’s next and how to create a life where you and your work can thrive. 

Find your people

So many opportunities to connect, create, be inspired, and learn, lie ahead of you when you put yourself in spaces with people who share your values and your will to create positive change. 

Embrace co-creation

When we truly harness collective intelligence and engagement in processes, we generate uniqueness and real innovation, establish trust, and create a space where people invest emotionally.

a community that thrives together

Nourish yourself and your work in a community that puts life and all of its challenging, complex, joyful moments at the fore. Join us as we co-create something truly special with you in early March, 2024. This is where the heart of becoming regenerative lies.

"Regenerative development will help me change the view I have on the world, personal relationships, nature, and future projects."
Sabela García

here to guide you

meet your facilitators

emmanuel pauwels

Co-Founder, A Regenerative Place

Emmanuel Pauwels, the founder of Barcelona-based Green Living Projects, is a well-known figure in Spain’s green building sector. As USGBC Faculty and a 2021 USGBC Leadership Award recipient, Emmanuel has led the certification of some of Spain’s most prominent LEED projects. Originally from Belgium and now living in the Spanish Pyrenees, he transformed his medieval home, Cal Guerxo, into a net-positive and Europe’s only Living Building Challenge-certified residence. Graduating as a regenerative practitioner in 2019, Emmanuel draws inspiration from Regenesis, Carol Sanford, Capra, permaculture, and Daniel Wahl. In his downtime, Emmanuel enjoys gardening, yoga, tango, hiking, and DIY projects.

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xavi ramon

Co-Founder, A Regenerative Place

Xavi, a Barcelona native, has been immersed in the sustainable built environment since 2008. As part of green building consultancy, Green Living Projects, he focuses on the sustainable ecosystem with a specific approach on materials. He finds inspiration for his regenerative practice in the work and teachings of Fritjof Capra, Francisco Varela, and Lynn Margulis and shares this knowledge through teaching and workshops. Outside of work, Xavi enjoys connecting with nature, hiking in the mountains, and practicing txi kung. He finds joy in cooking for loved ones and engaging in conversations with new people.

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Worldviews matter

Worldviews are based on our beliefs about the world and shape how we think and act. Becoming conscious of different worldviews allows us to understand how we could think and act differently.


Complexity theory

We live in a complex world, and recent scientific findings are helping us understand how complexity works, allowing us to understand our world better.


Living systems thinking

The nature of our thinking is fundamental for regenerative development. Living Systems thinking provides a new mindset allowing us to transform our work.


A new paradigm for the built environment

Understanding the different paradigms from which we can work allows us to develop new possibilities for thinking, designing, and building.


Fractal flourishing

Regenerative development happens at different interconnected levels. It involves personal and collective action to work together towards regenerative outcomes in projects.


Pathways to a regenerative future

Regenerative development happens at different interconnected levels. It involves personal and collective action to work together towards regenerative outcomes in projects.